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      The Three Valleys Delaware , Lehigh , and Wyoming and greater Pittsburgh generally vote for Democratic candidates, while the majority of the counties in the central part of the state vote Republican. As a result, maps showing the results of statewide elections invariably form a "T" shape. Pennsylvania had the 15th-highest state and local tax burden in the United States in , according to the Tax Foundation.

      Many state politicians have tried to increase the share of taxes paid by out of state sources.

      13. Tampa, FL

      Suggested revenue sources include taxing natural gas drilling as Pennsylvania is the only state without such a tax on gas drilling. An individual's taxable income is based on the following eight types of income: compensation salary ; interest; dividends; net profits from the operation of a business, profession or farm; net gains or income from the dispositions of property; net gains or income from rents, royalties, patents and copyrights; income derived through estates or trusts; and gambling and lottery winnings other than Pennsylvania Lottery winnings.

      Counties, municipalities, and school districts levy taxes on real estate. In addition, some local bodies assess a wage tax on personal income. Thirty-two of the Commonwealth's sixty-seven counties levy a personal property tax on stocks, bonds, and similar holdings. With the exception of the city of Philadelphia , Pennsylvania, municipalities and school districts are allowed to enact a local earned income tax within the purview of Act Residents of these municipalities and school districts are required to file a local income tax return in addition to federal and state returns.

      This local return is filed with the local income tax collector, a private collection agency e. Berkheimer , Keystone Collections , and Jordan Tax Service appointed by a particular county to collect the local earned income and local services tax the latter a flat fee deducted from salaried employees working within a particular municipality or school district. The City of Philadelphia has its own local income taxation system. Philadelphia-based employers are required to withhold the Philadelphia wage tax from the salaries of their employees.

      Residents of Philadelphia working for an employer are not required to file a local return as long as their Philadelphia wage tax is fully withheld by their employer. If their employer does not withhold the Philadelphia wage tax, residents are required to register with the Revenue Department and file an Earnings Tax return.

      Residents with unearned income except for interest from checking and savings accounts are required to file and pay the School Income-tax SIT. The complexity of Pennsylvania's local tax filing system has been criticized by experts, who note that the outsourcing of collections to private entities is akin to tax farming and that many new residents are caught off guard and end up facing "failure to file" penalties even if they did not owe any tax.

      Madison / Pittsburgh S.E. KOA

      If their employer does not withhold the Philadelphia wage tax, residents are required to register with the Revenue Department and file an Earnings Tax return. It will ask for your credit card info, but we promise it's all free. There's wasn't. Innear Titusville, PennsylvaniaEdwin Drake successfully drilled the well, which led to the first major oil boom in United Hook up websites in Pittsburgh United States history. You are responsible for adhering to such limitations if you download the materials. Firefly Colloquially "Lightning Bug" Photuris pensylvanica. No Parking. The latter counties have long been among the most conservative areas in the nation. I'd rather be messaged directly than "liked". Archived from the original on March 25, This includes weather, traffic, and events around town.

      Attempts to transfer local income tax collections to the state level i. Pennsylvania's two U. Senators are Democrat Bob Casey, Jr. Pennsylvania has a mixed health record, and is ranked as the 29th-overall-healthiest state according to the United Health Foundation's Health Rankings. Pennsylvania has public school districts, thousands of private schools, publicly funded colleges and universities, and over private institutions of higher education.

      Among residents age 25 and over, The following are the four-year graduation rates for students completing high school in []. Additionally, In , Pennsylvania ranked 14th in mathematics, 12th in reading, and 10th in writing for 8th grade students.

      In , the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed Act , which allows parents or guardians to homeschool their children as an option for compulsory school attendance. This law specifies the requirements and responsibilities of the parents and the school district where the family lives. West Chester University has by far the largest student body of the 14 universities.

      Watch Live:

      The Commonwealth System of Higher Education is an organizing body of the four state-related schools in Pennsylvania; these schools Pennsylvania State University , Lincoln University , the University of Pittsburgh , and Temple University are independent institutions that receive some state funding. There are also 15 publicly funded two-year community colleges and technical schools that are separate from the PASSHE system. Additionally, there are many private two- and four-year technical schools , colleges, and universities. Carnegie Mellon University , The Pennsylvania State University , the University of Pennsylvania , and the University of Pittsburgh are members of the Association of American Universities , an invitation-only organization of leading research universities.

      Lehigh University is a private research university located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, is considered the first university in the United States and established the country's first medical school.

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      OBC is East Pittsburgh's best casual dating site for local singles who enjoy dating and being single. It's simple, don't promise marriage just to get a date! Our fun. Budget per day: US$60 - $ Accommodation: US$30 - $ Dating a cougar in Pittsburgh is an enjoyable thing because of the wonderful.

      The University of Pennsylvania is also the Commonwealth's only, and geographically most southern, Ivy League school. Pennsylvania is home to the nation's first zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo. The Commonwealth boasts some of the finest museums in the country, including the Carnegie Museums in Pittsburgh, the Philadelphia Museum of Art , and several others.

      One unique museum is the Houdini Museum in Scranton, the only building in the world devoted to the legendary magician. All state parks in Pennsylvania feature free admission. Pennsylvania also is home to the largest indoor waterpark resort on the East Coast, Splash Lagoon in Erie.

      There are also notable music festivals that take place in Pennsylvania. There are nearly one million licensed hunters in Pennsylvania. Whitetail deer, black bear, cottontail rabbits, squirrel, turkey, and grouse are common game species. Pennsylvania is considered one of the finest wild turkey hunting states in the Union, alongside Texas and Alabama. Sport hunting in Pennsylvania provides a massive boost for the Commonwealth's economy. The Boone and Crockett Club shows that five of the ten largest skull size black bear entries came from the state.

      Another major east—west route is Interstate 80 , which runs primarily in the northern tier of the state from Ohio to New Jersey at the Delaware Water Gap. Interstate 90 travels the relatively short distance between Ohio and New York through Erie County , in the extreme northwestern part of the state. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority SEPTA is the sixth-largest transit agency in the United States and operates the commuter , heavy and light rail transit, and transit bus service in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

      The Port Authority of Allegheny County is the 25th-largest transit agency and provides transit bus and light rail service in and around Pittsburgh. Intercity passenger rail transit is provided by Amtrak , with the majority of traffic occurring on the Keystone Service in the high-speed Keystone Corridor between Harrisburg and Philadelphia's 30th Street Station before heading north to New York City, as well as the Northeast Regional providing frequent high-speed service up and down the Northeast Corridor.

      Soccer is gaining popularity within the state of Pennsylvania as well. Open Cup annually.

      Welcome to the Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority | Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority

      However, Penn FC formally Harrisburg City Islanders used to be one of these teams before they announced they'd be on hiatus in ; although they would be returning for the season. Arnold Palmer , one of the 20th century's most notable pro golfers, comes from Latrobe , while Jim Furyk , a current PGA member, grew up near in Lancaster.

      High Point Raceway is located in Mt. College football is popular in Pennsylvania. Penn State plays its home games in the second-largest stadium in the United States, Beaver Stadium , which seats ,, and is currently led by head coach James Franklin. The University of Pittsburgh Panthers claims nine national championships , , , , , , , and and has played eight undefeated seasons , , , , , , and Other Pennsylvania schools that have won national titles in football include Lafayette College , Villanova University FCS , the University of Pennsylvania , , and [] and Washington and Jefferson College College basketball is also popular in the state, especially in the Philadelphia area where five universities, collectively termed the Big Five , have a rich tradition in NCAA Division I basketball.

      National titles in college basketball have been won by La Salle University , Temple University , University of Pennsylvania and , University of Pittsburgh and , and Villanova University , , and Author Sharon Hernes Silverman calls Pennsylvania the snack food capital of the world. Two of the three companies that define the U. The U. Auntie Anne's Pretzels began as a market-stand in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, and now has corporate headquarters in Lancaster City.

      Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc. Among the regional foods associated with Philadelphia are cheesesteaks , hoagie, soft pretzels , Italian water ice , Irish potato candy , scrapple , Tastykake , and strombolis. In Pittsburgh, tomato ketchup was improved by Henry John Heinz from to the early 20th century. Famous to a lesser extent than Heinz ketchup is the Pittsburgh's Primanti Brothers Restaurant sandwiches, pierogies , and city chicken.

      Outside of Scranton , in Old Forge there are dozens of Italian restaurants specializing in pizza made unique by thick, light crust and American cheese. Erie also has its share of unique foods, including Greek sauce and sponge candy. Sauerkraut along with pork and mashed potatoes is a common meal on New Year's Day in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has been known as the Keystone State since , [] based in part upon its central location among the original Thirteen Colonies forming the United States, and also in part because of the number of important American documents signed in the state such as the Declaration of Independence.

      It was also a keystone state economically, having both the industry common to the North making such wares as Conestoga wagons and rifles [] [] and the agriculture common to the South producing feed, fiber, food, and tobacco. Another one of Pennsylvania's nicknames is the Quaker State ; in colonial times, it was known officially as the Quaker Province , [] in recognition of Quaker [] William Penn 's First Frame of Government [] constitution for Pennsylvania that guaranteed liberty of conscience. He knew of the hostility [] Quakers faced when they opposed religious ritual, taking oaths, violence, war and military service, and what they viewed as ostentatious frippery.

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 22 October This article is about the U. For other uses, see Pennsylvania disambiguation. State in the northeastern United States. State in the United States. Keystone State; [1] Quaker State. Mount Davis [2] [3]. Delaware River at Delaware border [2]. Flag of Pennsylvania. Interactive map of Pennsylvania.

      Further information: Geography of Pennsylvania and List of counties in Pennsylvania. Main article: Climate of Pennsylvania. Main article: History of Pennsylvania. See also: List of Pennsylvania firsts and List of people from Pennsylvania. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. June Further information: List of people from Pennsylvania.

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      Main article: Pennsylvania German language. Religion in Pennsylvania [] religion percent Protestant. It has been suggested that this section be split out into another article titled Economy of Pennsylvania.

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      Discuss September See also: List of Pennsylvania counties by per capita income and List of Pennsylvania locations by per capita income. Main article: Agriculture in Pennsylvania. Main article: Gambling in Pennsylvania. John Fetterman D 34th Lt. Governor Since January 15, Main article: Government of Pennsylvania. See also: Commonwealth U. Main article: List of Governors of Pennsylvania.

      See also: List of Pennsylvania state agencies. Main article: Pennsylvania General Assembly. Main article: Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania. See also: List of counties in Pennsylvania , List of cities in Pennsylvania , List of towns and boroughs in Pennsylvania , List of townships in Pennsylvania , List of county seats in Pennsylvania by population , List of census-designated places in Pennsylvania , and List of populated places in Pennsylvania. See also: List of municipalities in Pennsylvania.

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      1. Refworld | North Korean workers ditch factories for market incomes.
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      4. Tyranny Tourism Is Thriving on North Korea’s Bizarre Border With China.
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      The source did not provide details about which industries were most likely to be affected by the bribery issue or figures to indicate around how many workers were involved in such practices. Meanwhile, the wages of managers at rural factories — many of which cannot operate because they lack power and resources — have been frozen at around 4, won U. The Nampo official said that this relationship between worker and manager was a direct result of the central government's order that factories take on an independent profit system, without providing any guidance or investigating how sustainable the policy would be.

      Meanwhile, as tensions remain on the Korean peninsula and the North devotes its paltry resources to its largely outdated military technology, reports suggest that workers at munitions factories and other production facilities for the armed forces have received dramatic monthly salary increases.

      A source living along North Pyongan province's border with China told RFA that workers at many of the military factories had been given raises of more than times what they made last year. Which begs the question: what do campus couples in North Korea typically do on dates?

      Those who are caught putting on amorous displays are criticized or even punished. Some are even expelled. Such restrictions notwithstanding, it is, of course, impossible to totally block off the human desire to pair off. When class is over, they walk home together. You can chat Sex dating Sinuiju in your crew, discuss potential matches Sex dating Sinuiju share profiles of people who you want to set up.

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      The parents of Kang sent out a coat across the Chinese border after she reached the South in. Human rights abuses. XMatch With a huge Sex dating Sinuiju base and unique features, XMatch is one of the better sites out there offering all kinds of sex.

      Female hygiene also remains a serious issue. Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. Please enter a valid email address. Sign Up Now. Check the box if you do not wish to receive promotional offers via email from TIME.

      In North Korea, Coronavirus Hurts More Than Any Sanctions Could

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      October 22, Sign in. In-hua Kim September 9, Image: Morsky Studio. Edited by James Fretwell.

      Read More. Related Articles. North Korean defectors to Seoul on the rise, but nowhere near last year's count. About the Author.

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      Archived from the original on 23 April Archived from the original on 22 April Retrieved 26 July Retrieved 25 July Retrieved 8 February Retrieved 20 December Retrieved 15 July BBC Sport.

      Retrieved 9 August Retrieved 7 August Retrieved 15 October Mumbai Mirror. Archived from the original on 11 November Man's World. Archived from the original on 12 April India Squad. India squad — Cricket World Cup runners-up.

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      India squad — Cricket World Cup. India squad — Cricket World Cup 2nd Title. Praveen Kumar was injured and replaced by Sreesanth. Bowlers who have taken or more wickets in Test cricket. Richard Hadlee Daniel Vettori Recipients of Padma Shri in Sports.

      Balbir Singh Sr. LOL- Lifeofline. Ticketed Experiences.

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